Public Speaking Systems



Robotic Rise and Fall Executive Speech Prompter

Great for multiple presenters or speakers of varying heights.
The stands automatically move to the optimum visual eye line of the speaker.
Pkg includes:
2x Robotic rise and fall stands, monitors glass, and surrounds.
2x tandem laptop with software and scroll controller

$450.00 plus labor


Manual Rise and Fall 15″ or 19″ Executive Speech Prompter

A recent survey in America revealed that fear of speaking in public was the number one fear among those surveyed.
Number two was death. Telescript On Stage systems can help overcome the first fear…so the second won’t even cross your mind.

2x monitors, stands, glass, and surrounds.
2x tandem laptop with software and scroll controller

$350.00 plus labor


Camera Mount Prompters



8″ Stedi-Cam Teleprompter

– Brightness range from standard 300 nit to High Bright 1400 nit
– weighs 4lbs to 6lbs depending on unit
– Designed for steadicam or handheld
– Accepts 12v or 24v input
$300.00 Standard Bright
$325.00 Day Bright
Add $100.00 for wireless option


Studio or location Teleprompters

-Available sizes 8″,12″, 15″, 19″
– All prompters are have the option of standard or High bright
– All prompters have the option of being stand mounted or tripod mount.

$275.00 Standard Bright
$300.00 Standard Bright 19″ Prompter
$325.00 Day Bright



Other Configurations



“Interrotron System”, (Interrotron)

One of the most crucial pieces to a great documentary is the interview.
In post production, you will ground your edit around a transcription of what these people have to say about your subject. When you are performing the interview, you obviously want the subject looking straight at you to achieve a human connection and better result. But what if you want to connect your subject to the audience more… how would you go about making the connection with the subject while getting a first-person angle on them? Enter the Interrotron, a favorite device used by Oscar winner Errol Morris.
Check out these clips from Fog of War, his Oscar winner that used the device:

The Interrotron is basically two teleprompters connected to two cameras. Camera A is rolling on the subject, and Camera B is simply feeding Camera A’s prompter. This allows for the subject to be looking directly into the interviewer’s eyes through the beam splitter, as they are being interviewed. This fantastic technique was championed by several other filmmakers before Morris, but he is most known for it.

Check out this great graphic describing the technique, or click on the (Interrotron) link for more detail.



Over the Shoulder Teleprompter

Over the Shoulder

We use this style setup when two actors are looking at each other, not directly at the camera.
This allows them to stay on script, while looking at each other in a conversation,
and look like they are having a natural unprompted conversation from the camera POV.

Monopod Teleprompter


If your tripod is to lite weight, your shot is a lock off and you don’t want to build the prompter on the tripod.
Roll our monopod prompter up to your camera.

Over the camera jib teleprompter configuration

Over the camera jib configuration

Dual Camera Configuration

Dual Camera Configuration

With the help of some of our production friends, we’ve come up with this custom prompter solution
that allows for two focal ranges to be shot with only one take.
This makes production and post go faster.