Public Speaking Systems



Robotic Rise and Fall Executive Speech Prompter

Great for multiple presenters or speakers of varying heights.
The stands automatically move to the optimum visual eye line of the speaker.
Pkg includes:
2x Robotic rise and fall stands, monitors glass, and surrounds.
                                                                                   2x tandem laptop with software and scroll controller

                                                                                                                    $500.00 plus labor


Manual Rise and Fall Executive Speech Prompter

A recent survey in America revealed that fear of speaking in public was the number one fear among those surveyed.
Number two was death. Telescript On Stage systems can help overcome the first fear…so the second won’t even cross your mind.
Our color displays measure a mere 2 inches thick and practically disappear to the audience while offering the presenter a large clear image of their text.
Pkg includes:
                                                                                   2x monitors, stands, glass, and surrounds.
                                                                                   2x tandem laptop with software and scroll controller
                                                                                                                     $350.00 plus labor


Camera Mount Prompters




8″ Teleprompter

- Brightness range from standard 300 nit to High Bright 1400 nit
- weighs 4lbs to 6lbs depending on unit
- Designed for steadicam or handheld
- Accepts 12v or 24v input

$275.00 Standard Bright
                                                                                   $325.00 Day Bright


12″ Standard or High Bright

- Brightness range from standard 400 nits to High Bright 1850 nits

- Add 11.25lbs to your tripod.

$275.00 Standard Bright
$325.00 Day Bright


15″ Standard or High Bright

- Most requested prompters
- Brightness range is from standard 450 nits to High Bright 1850 nit
- Adds 16.5lbs to your tripod

$275.00 Standard Bright
$325.00 Day Bright

Fold & Go set up


17″ High Bright AutoScript Prompter



19″ Monopod/camera mount Prompter

Can be used as a stand alone roll up to the camera monopod unit
or as a mounted lens through unit


Dual Camera Configuration

Dual Camera Configuration

With the help of some of our production friends, we’ve come up with this custom prompter solution
that allows for two focal ranges to be shot with only one take.
This makes production and post go faster.



Other Configurations


Over the Shoulder Teleprompter

Over the Shoulder

We use this style setup when two actors are looking at each other, not directly at the camera.
This allows them to stay on script, while looking at each other in a conversation,
and look like they are having a natural unprompted conversation from the camera POV.

High Bright Steadicam Prompt

High Bright Steadicam Prompt

Our steadicam prompters are as small as 8 inches, as lite as 6LBS,
good for daylight use, and run on 12-24VDC.

Monopod Teleprompter


If your tripod is to lite weight, your shot is a lock off and you don’t want to build the prompter on the tripod.
Roll our monopod prompter up to your camera.

Over the camera jib teleprompter configuration

Over the camera jib configuration



The “Interrotron System”, (Interritron) invented by famed documentarian, Errol
Morris, is fast becoming the standard way to shoot interviews. The system uses two
special teleprompters, each equipped to accept a video image. The talent sees just the
face of the director and the director sees just the face of the talent. Often the room is
darkened and the two units are separated by a curtain.

So, instead of looking into a cold and often intimidating camera lens the interviewee sees the human face of the person talking to him or her. This solves several problems at once:

First it gives the interviewee a more natural environment. They see a human face, not an intimidating film crew.

Secondly, this approach relaxes the talent, especially if they are not professional actors.

Thirdly, it helps maintain the proper eyeline during the shoot and helps prevent that natural tendency for talent to look off camera the second they finish speaking.

And lastly, by looking at an animated face, the talent can better assess the real intent of the question and the mood of the questioner. So answers are often more useful and to the point.

The director is helped as well. He sees exactly what the camera sees. He’s literally looking through the lens of the main camera and can assess both the camera framing and the body language of the talent at the same time. No longer is he/she a disembodied voice in the darkness or a visual distraction destroying eyelines. The director now is in the position to have an intimate conversation with his/her talent.

The systems are credited with not only saving time getting useful footage but substantially improving the quality of that footage as well.

A professional Interrotron System contains two teleprompters, each with high quality video monitors, and an additional video camera and tripod along with all necessary cables and accessories.