Sound Devices Pix 240

The Sound Devices PIX 240 is a video field recorder that natively records Apple Pro Res,
or Avid DNX – HD onto SSD drives.
It’s inputs and outputs are HDSDI.
The Pix 240 has a built in onboard 5 inch display.
This is the HDSDI field clamshell HD recorder.


Panasonic AW-HS50N

In spite of its compact size the HS50 switcher features four SDI inputs, one DVI-D input, two SDI outputs, and one DVI-D output. A MultiViewer Display function lets you split the screen in eight different ways, and a Frame Synchronizer ensures easy, high-quality switching.
The Panasonic AW HS50 HD Switchers are perfect for multi-camera and multi-format source shoots.
Click on the image for more detals.


Decimator Design MD Quad

Decimator Design’s MD-Quad MultiViewer is a miniature quad split with 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs.
With our Qtake video assist and the MD-quad, 4 cameras can be viewed, and recorded for playback.
Also, great for monitoring 4 cameras from just one Director monitor.


Redbyte Decimator 2

– Downconvert HDSDI to SD
– HDMI output


Black Magic HDMI – HDSDI Converter

-Convert HDMI signal to HD-SDI


Kramer HDSDI Switch

– 4 selectable HDSDI inputs
– 2 HDSDI oututs


Sonnet QIo

Along with the Qio PCI express card adapter, you can double your download capabilities.
Accepts any SS card