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Since the advent of Covid-19 we have all had to make some changes. Our way of coping with the changes are by making sure all of our technicians are tested before going on location, practicing social distancing and increasing our supply of streaming options so that our clients can accessibly keep sets rolling!

Video Assist

Video assist has become especially handy in these strange and uncertain times. Video assist allows filmmakers to view a video version of a take immediately after it is filmed. Thanks to the Teradek bond we use for streaming, we can stream our onset video assist any remote location.

the Names Bond...Teradek Bond

Our Terdadek Bonds are essential for what helps us stream and broadcast your content to wherever you need it to go! It's great for output video or live monitoring or can be used to stream to remote locations.


We're staying with the changes!


What happens when you can only have 10 people on set due to Covid-19, but you need more like 30 to 40 people on set? You use Off-Set Monitoring!



How do we work?

We are a niche production provider specializing in professional Video Assist and Teleprompting services.
As well we offer a full complement of HD Video Assist equipment including the latest Monitors and wireless systems.

Since th

So You Need a Technician...

Well you came to the right place!

We offer technician services for our:


-Video Assist


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While we have some pre-suggested packages, all of them can be tailored to your personal needs. Get in touch with us so we can help you figure out exactly what your production requirements are!