Eason Duncan - Owner

"Thanks for pulling us through this – you’re a real professional! I knew this would have a couple long days but I was confident you’d be the right guy for this." FreemanAV 


Allyson Prock

"It was a long ruff day. Allyson worked out perfect.
She's a rock star". - Jeff Robertson,Managing Director, ETA

"Thank You very much, Allyson was fantastic, the client really liked working with her." - Invision Communications

"Thanks Eason, Allyson was fabulous as always!"  -  Freemanco

Ally is a pro and as she might have told you, she got a shout out from one of the talent praising her skills: “It’s like you’re inside my head!"

"Ally was great. Very professional and very flexible with our clients. If/when were back in Atlanta and need a prompter, she will be our first request".  - Andrew Erusha - IPG


E. Susannah Hardie

 "Susie was great. Very Professional!" -SEFTEL PRODUCTIONS

All went well! Susie is a pro!!

Will keep you in mind for future opportunities! - PSAV


Peake Nasrallah

Enjoyed working with you last night and hope your return was uneventful. Truly professional and I am glad we got a chance to work with you.

Gary A. Meadows
Media Coordinator
City of Aiken, SC


Shena Sabens
Hi. Shena & our whole team had one hell of a show yesterday! Client was super last minute with changes coming in minutes before the show and generally disorganized . Shena was even typing text into script during the show to help close the gaps. After two shows with her this week, I have to tell you that she is quite the catch and is always welcome on my team!
Steven Walker
Active Production and Design

Thanks so much Eason. Shena was fantastic!
Chelsea Phillips Tafoya, Picture Perfect Production


Toi Green

Toi was great to work with! We were very happy with the prompter service and will enjoy working with you all again when the occasion arises.

Dani Taussig
Between Pixels


Jessica Hitchcomb


Julian Duncan