EyeDirect MarkII

The EyeDirect Mark II is the professional’s tool to guarantee eye contact from any subject. The Mark II accommodates the larger, professional cameras like a Red, Alexa or Amira with large zooms, but may be configured to handle DSLRs as well. Users may attach their iPads and convert the Mark II, to an AutoCue/TelePrompter. The EyeDirect allows interviewer to be on either side of the camera.





The Dana Dolly Portable Camera Dolly System

An ultra-smooth, incredibly quiet camera dolly that is easy to set up and transport.
Dana Dolly Kit includes:
Dana Dolly
2-Track End Brackets          Center support bar
2-6' Speedrail pipe              Monitor adapter with ball head
75mm, 100mm and 150mm bowl adapters


Libec Swift Jib-50

The Libec Swift Jib, JB50, is a portable minijib equipped with a telescopic arm that can be easily
adjusted to allow for a number of height and reach options.
Simple to operate and very easy to setup.
The jib comes with a tripod and wheels allowing for quick relocation.
In addition, the jib can be retracted at both ends to allow for operating in tight spaces.
This jib can accommodate a variety of cameras from small compact HDSLRs to full side PDW-F800s.
The maximum load at full extension
44.0lb (Main arm length : 100cm / 39.5")
33.0lb (Main arm length : 145cm / 57.0")
22.0lb (Main arm length : 190cm / 75.0")

Main arm length 100 to 190cm / 39.5" to 75.0"
Weight 16.4kg / 36.1lb
Ball diameter 100mm

Libec Swift Jib-50