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SEE Production Services is a Niche production services provider specializing in professional Teleprompting, and Video Assist Services for Live speaking engagements, conferences and Film Production.   

Teleprompter Services - SEE Production services has a long history of providing professional teleprompting services throughout Atlanta and the Southeast. Our service conscious technicians are comfortable on movie sets, commercials, corporate shoots and events, and political events. They will be a valuable part of your production team.                                                                                        

  • On-Camera Prompters 8"- 19" interior or day bright, studio or field camera mounted prompters. 
  • Presidential Prompters - The advantage of a presidential prompter in speech delivery is that the speaker does not need to look at notes. It appears that the person speaking looks natural is speaking from memory, and is able to make eye contact with the audience.   We offer Robotic and Manual 15" or 19" Executive speech prompter systems. The motorized systems will automatically rise or fall to a speaker's height. They are suggested for multiple speakers, or when the glass needs to drop for a clear camera shot.  
  • Interrotron - As we provide both Teleprompters and cameras, it's a natural step for us to provide interrotron services.
    Interrotrons are a must for interviews where eye to eye contact is a necessity. There are several packages and options available.  

Video Assist Services - In 2011 SEE Production Services, added our Video Assist division, our approach, professional service conscious technicians and state of the art equipment.                                                   
Qtake video assist software is the professional standard in Video Assist software, used on features and commercials worldwide. It is the software we use. In addition to basic multi-camera in sync playback, Qtake's toolset includes live green screen keying, overlays, local and remote live streaming, a quick reference scene file structure and much more. Our packages include Sony OLED monitors for Director and Client along with dedicated carts. We have SmallHD handhelds, Teradek, and Wave Central - Axxis Pico wireless systems available.


Stedicam Prompter 

Daybright Prompters

Presidential Prompters

AutoRise Presidential Prompters


In addition to Teleprompter and Video Assist services, we have a wide assortment of production equipment that may fit the bill for your production needs, from tripods, and direct view units, to arri kits, and Dana Dollies.


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